Filing your taxes + your carbon rebate

Canadians across the country are beginning to file their taxes in anticipation of April’s deadline. This year, residents of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan can claim an additional rebate. The rebate was designed by the Federal Government to help residents of those provinces adjust to increased costs and make choices that save them money

The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax

For almost a decade, many Canadian conservatives have shied away from the idea of putting a price on carbon, deeming it an unnecessary “tax on everything.” But with a large majority of the Canadian population supporting some form of carbon pricing, and carbon pricing regimes in place or under consideration in provinces with over 80%

The Business Case For Carbon Pricing

The Business Council of Canada endorsed carbon pricing almost a decade ago, in a 2007 policy declaration titled “Clean Growth: Building a Canadian Environmental Superpower”. A year later, British Columbia introduced its groundbreaking carbon tax – the first such scheme in Canada and one of the first anywhere in the world. The rationale behind our

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