The Scheer Plan Report: Your Questions, Our Answers

View Report Summary THE SCHEER PLAN REPORT: Q&A On July 10, Clean Prosperity and EnviroEconomics released a report that assessed Andrew Scheer’s Climate Plan and the impact it would have on households and the environment. Here are a few questions we thought you might have about that report, along with our answers to them. Why did you do this

Filing your taxes + your carbon rebate

Canadians across the country are beginning to file their taxes in anticipation of April’s deadline. This year, residents of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan can claim an additional rebate. The rebate was designed by the Federal Government to help residents of those provinces adjust to increased costs and make choices that save them money

Report: Carbon Dividends Would Benefit Canadian Families

Canadians for Clean Prosperity released a study today showing that the vast majority of households, regardless of income level, would receive more money in the form of carbon dividend cheques than they would pay in carbon taxes, should the federal government implement carbon dividends as its “backstop” starting in 2019. Read the report

Ontario Politics and Carbon Pricing

Almost Half of Ontarians Support Carbon Pricing, Even if Costs Go Up Toronto, ON, February 27th, 2018 – In a random sampling of public opinion taken by Forum Research, on behalf of Canadians for Clean Prosperity, amongst 1005 Ontario voters, Almost half (TOP2: 46%) of Ontarians supports having a price on carbon emissions, even if

A National Carbon Strategy

Developing an effective national climate strategy that won’t damage our economy is one of the most important challenges our new government is faced with. Canada can become a leader on the climate without hurting our economy but only if our competitiveness is protected. 1. Ensure a minimum national carbon price of $30 per tonne starting

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