Filing your taxes + your carbon rebate

Canadians across the country are beginning to file their taxes in anticipation of April’s deadline. This year, residents of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan can claim an additional rebate. The rebate was designed by the Federal Government to help residents of those provinces adjust to increased costs and make choices that save them money and reduce carbon emissions across the economy. The carbon rebate, or Climate Action Incentive, for 2019 will be claimed on line 449 of the 2018 federal income tax return. We understand that filing taxes can be confusing, and want to ensure all eligible Canadians take advantage of the rebate they’ll receive from carbon pricing revenue. The following guide includes information from

Who is Eligible:

Only residents of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario or Saskatchewan on December 31 of the taxation year are eligible, and the resident must meet one of the following criteria at that time:

  • 18 years of age or older, or
  • had a spouse or common-law partner, or
  • is a parent who lived with their child

What You Can Expect to Get:

Calculation Example for a Family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children)

Climate Action Incentive 10% Supplement for Residents of Small and Rural Communities:

If you lived outside of a census metropolitan area (CMA) in 2018, as defined by Statistics Canada, then you are eligible for an additional 10% on your rebate. For purposes of the 2018 tax return the Census Metropolitan Areas are:

To claim the CAI payment, you must:

  • complete your 2018 income tax and benefit return
  • complete Schedule 14 included with your return (available in your certified tax software and tax package)
  • send (file) your return to the Canada Revenue Agency

The CAI payment will be automatically applied to what you owe for the year, or if applicable, it will be added to the refund you receive.

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