We work on the thorniest long-term climate problems, to find new ways forward.

We advocate for innovative, collaborative solutions to our hardest climate challenges.

Modelling the future

We’re modelling pathways to achieving net-zero emissions in the Canadian economy by 2050.

Pricing carbon

We work to keep carbon pricing a central part of Canadian climate action, and to find ways of improving the policy.

Carbon management

We’re advocating for Canada to scale up carbon dioxide removal technologies, because we’ll need to draw down millions of tonnes by mid-century

Building consensus

We need agreement on the basic policies to enable decarbonization. We bring parties together, with a focus on the climate hesitant, to make sure that happens.

New carbon tax rebate payments keep climate action affordable for Canadians

Lower-income Canadians benefit the most

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Clean Prosperity is a climate policy organization that advances long-term climate solutions through collaborative thinking and practical ideas.

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