Net-Zero Pathways Project

Clean Prosperity’s Net-Zero Pathways for Canada project is exploring technology pathways to achieving net-zero emissions in the Canadian economy by 2050, with the support of Navius Research.

The project builds on the vision and work of the Net-Zero America study at Princeton University.

The Net-Zero Pathways for Canada project is evaluating the climate policies that will be needed to achieve different kinds of net-zero futures. Pathways of interest include two high-electrification pathways, a biofuels pathway, a hydrogen pathway, and a pathway that relies on fossil fuels with carbon capture and utilization. The project is also looking at a business-as-usual scenario, and at policy legislated in the federal government’s 2030 Emissions Reductions Plan.

An Expert Advisory Panel, made up of Canadian and international climate policy experts, is advising the project.

The Net-Zero Pathways for Canada project will produce three discussion papers in 2022-2023, featuring not only comprehensive analysis of net-zero pathways, policies, and infrastructure, but also detailed insights into the the project’s approach and assumptions. The Net-Zero Pathways for Canada project aims to contribute to collective knowledge in the critical field of climate-policy modelling.