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We envision a world where a strong economy co-exists with a sustainable environment, so that everyone can enjoy clean prosperity.

Clean Prosperity is a Canadian climate policy organization. We advocate for smart Canadian climate policy that uses market-based solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, foster inclusive economic growth and competitiveness, and catalyze global climate action.

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  • We believe that carbon pricing should be a central feature of smart climate policy. We also advocate for a major acceleration of carbon removal programs, and for regulations and investment that complement carbon pricing.

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  • We work to highlight the economic and political case for climate action. We research the most cost-effective solutions to solving the climate challenge. And we collect data on Canadians’ attitudes towards the climate crisis and carbon pricing.

  • We work at both the federal and provincial level. Our activities include:

    • Public education campaigns that help explain policies like carbon pricing, and why it’s necessary
    • Discussions with elected officials to communicate the benefits of climate action
    • Research on how to reduce emissions while growing Canadian competitiveness
    • Media relations, to ensure that carbon pricing is part of the public conversation around solving climate change
  • We are a non-profit organization, funded through the generous support of individual donors and private foundations. All our funding is from Canadian sources, and we do not take any money from political parties. We’re non-partisan. We work with elected leaders from all parties to help advance smart climate policy.

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