Here’s how to kick Canada’s low-carbon transition into high gear

The transition to a low-carbon economy presents an historic opportunity for Canada to generate lasting economic growth and good jobs for Canadians across this country. But too many firms are reluctant to make the big investments in decarbonization that are needed to drive that transition. What’s stopping them? A new report released today by Clean

Optimize existing policies to achieve Canada’s climate goals

This is Clean Prosperity’s submission in response to the federal government’s discussion document “Options to cap and cut oil and gas sector greenhouse gas emissions to achieve 2030 goals and net-zero by 2050”.  Introduction The Canadian federal government has proposed to cap and cut emissions from the oil and gas sector with two possible policy

New poll shows voters still expect a credible climate plan

A new poll conducted by Leger and Clean Prosperity found that even though cost of living pressures are a top concern for Canadians, voters still expect political parties to deliver credible climate plans. That includes Conservative voters, and voters who are open to voting for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Budget a major step forward for Canadian climate action

The 2022 Federal Budget tabled today offers some significant new policies and investments to help achieve the government’s climate targets, as laid out in the new Emissions Reduction Plan. “If the Emissions Reduction Plan was the blueprint,“ said Clean Prosperity Executive Director Michael Bernstein, “then this budget lays down the first few floors of the

Sensible emissions reduction plan keeps carbon pricing front and center

The federal government’s new Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP), released today, offers an ambitious, sensible, and detailed pathway to achieving Canada’s 2030 emissions-reduction targets. The plan marks an encouraging and important step on Canada’s road to decarbonization.  The ERP rightly emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors in achieving our climate goals.

New PBO report presents misleading picture of carbon pricing

A new report released today by the Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) presents a misleading picture of the impact that carbon pricing will have on Canadian households as the price increases to $170/tonne by 2030. The report accurately shows that a majority of households will be better off financially as a direct result

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