SK court decision on carbon tax means Saskatchewans will pay federal carbon tax, are eligible to receive rebates

Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal decision that the federal carbon tax was in fact constitutional means Saskatchewans will pay Canada’s backstop carbon price, and residents will be eligible to receive the Climate Action Incentive rebate. Now that the province is legally obligated to implement Ottawa’s carbon tax and rebate program, the average Saskatchewan family (2.6 people)

Ontario’s Anti Carbon Tax Campaign

Just 27% of Ontario residents support Ford’s carbon pricing court challenge, 64% oppose anti carbon pricing ad campaign New research released today from Canadians for Clean Prosperity shows that only about a quarter of Ontario residents support Premier Doug Ford’s decision to challenge the federal government’s price on carbon in court, while 48% oppose the

Filing your taxes + your carbon rebate

Canadians across the country are beginning to file their taxes in anticipation of April’s deadline. This year, residents of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan can claim an additional rebate. The rebate was designed by the Federal Government to help residents of those provinces adjust to increased costs and make choices that save them money

The story behind the SK court case

Today Saskatchewan’s court hearings on carbon pricing are set to begin. Here’s what you need to know. Saskatchewan’s Premier Scott Moe promised voters that he would do everything in his power to scrap Saskatchewan’s carbon pricing legislation. Today, he has brought his case to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, arguing that the federal backstop price

Why a carbon tax won’t cause a recession

Published on Maclean’s Opinion: Doug Ford insists the federal price on carbon is a Liberal tax grab that will inflict serious economic hardship. But none of that is true. Mark Cameron is Executive Director and Michael Bernstein is Senior Vice-President of Canadians for Clean Prosperity. Ontario Premier Doug Ford chose a luncheon at the Economic

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