New PC Leader Doug Ford on Carbon Pricing

Doug Ford was elected leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) party after a lengthy ballot count this past Saturday. While close in the polls, Ford’s win was still seen as an upset over perceived frontrunner (and winner of the popular vote) Christine Elliot, who had the most endorsements from caucus members and candidates. Ford

What if Ontario scrapped cap-and-trade for a carbon tax?

Mark Cameron is the executive director of Canadians for Clean Prosperity. Starting in 2018, every Canadian province will be required to implement carbon pricing—either with a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system—or face the federal government imposing a “backstop” carbon tax following federal benchmark rules. While every province except Saskatchewan has indicated that they will

Pallister’s climate plan a solid start

Premier Brian Pallister has released his government’s long-awaited “made in Manitoba” climate and green plan. While there is room for improvement, it is a solid start for Manitoba on climate policy, and one with important implications across the country. Pallister’s plan is the first time that a Conservative government has introduced a broad-based carbon price

The Real Lesson Ontario Can Take Away From B.C.’s Carbon Tax

The lesson that Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown can take away from British Columbia’s carbon tax is simple, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Christine Van Geyn. “Revenue neutrality,” she declares, “doesn’t happen.” In her recent piece in the Financial Post, Van Geyn argues that a Fraser Institute study shows that the idea of a revenue-neutral carbon tax

Cap and trade, the good, bad and ugly

On Jan. 1, Ontario consumers noticed a spike in gas prices as the province’s new cap and trade system came into effect. Cap and trade will add about four cents a litre for gasoline and about a dollar per gigajoule to natural gas bills. It will increase other prices too as increased costs of production

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