Andrew Scheer’s Climate Plan Will Strip Households in Five Provinces of Thousands of Dollars in Rebates, Ignores the Best Tool We Have to Address Climate Change

Andrew Scheer’s environmental plan, to be announced today, removes the most essential tool we have in the fight against climate change – a carbon tax and rebate.  Without a carbon tax, Scheer’s plan has to rely on more costly regulations that will require significant government intervention in the economy, while increasing costs for families.  A

SK court decision on carbon tax means Saskatchewans will pay federal carbon tax, are eligible to receive rebates

Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal decision that the federal carbon tax was in fact constitutional means Saskatchewans will pay Canada’s backstop carbon price, and residents will be eligible to receive the Climate Action Incentive rebate. Now that the province is legally obligated to implement Ottawa’s carbon tax and rebate program, the average Saskatchewan family (2.6 people)

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