Nathalia del Moral Fleury

Nathalia is the General Manager of Yves Rocher North America. She began her career as an entrepreneur by founding a consulting startup in digital services and communication in Mexico City. She has over 15 years of management experience.

Nathalia’s experiences in North America, France, and Mexico have helped her understand the sensitivities of different cultures. Through her leadership and convictions, she challenges traditional management practices and brings a new perspective to companies’ organizational structures.

Nathalia is passionate about ecology and sociology, and serves on Group Rocher’s Sustainability Committee, as well as participating in the B Corp certification process of the company’s American subsidiary.

She also enjoys mentoring young entrepreneurs in Montreal. She recently coached a team during the Cooperathon organized by Desjardins Group, and often participates at L’Effet A, by training young women to improve their negotiating skills.

Nathalia holds master’s degrees in business management and regenerative economics.

Why Nathalia joined Clean Prosperity

“I am a pragmatic idealist and I strongly believe that decarbonization and a strong economy not only can coexist, but are essential to our future. I admire Clean Prosperity’s achievements and hope to help them reach their objectives.”