Matthew Holmes

Matthew Holmes has over 15 years of experience in executive leadership, government relations, public policy, non-profit management, and business development.

As the founding executive director of the Canada Organic Trade Association, he helped develop national standards and a new regulatory regime. He advocated for the world’s first organic equivalency arrangement for trade between Canada and the United States, which became a model for mutual recognition agreements between governments around the world.

Matthew has worked in media and Canada’s cultural industries, including his role as president and CEO of Magazines Canada, the national representative body for Canadian-owned news, entertainment, arts, and business-to-business print and digital media. He serves as an advisor to New Canadian Media, a charity dedicated to amplifying the journalism and storytelling of newcomers to Canada within mainstream media.

Matthew also has experience in Canadian higher education, including in the president’s office at York University and leading government and corporate relations for Queen’s University at Kingston, where he is currently employed.

Why Matthew joined Clean Prosperity

“I am convinced that the transition to a decarbonized economy is not only necessary but achievable through a mix of market drivers and regulatory inducements. Clean Prosperity’s focus on simple, cost-effective solutions to Canada’s climate challenges is what we need right now.”