Dana Saric

Dana Saric is senior counsel at a publicly listed North American power producer. Prior to this role, she was a partner practicing banking and corporate law at a national business law firm, with a focus on project development, strategic investments, and project finance in the electrical power, agribusiness, technology, and energy infrastructure sectors. With over a decade of diverse professional experience, Dana has observed the impact of climate policy and incentive structures on corporate decision-making and capital investments across Canada. She has significant experience advising resource developers in a variety of industries on the opportunities and implications stemming from Canadian climate legislation and carbon markets, and assisting them with structuring their projects and partnerships to profitably align with their corporate climate ambitions.

Dana also writes and speaks regularly on matters of interest to carbon market participants, including renewable energy procurements, the evolution of provincial, federal and global carbon market mechanisms, and sustainable impact lending structures.

Dana holds a law degree from the University of Toronto and an undergraduate business degree from McGill University.

Why Dana joined Clean Prosperity

“People respond to incentives, both positive and negative. It is imperative that the climate policies adopted in Canada and benchmarked by the rest of the world create an incentive structure that is sustainable, both for the climate and for Canada’s long-term economic prosperity. Clean Prosperity’s focus on market-based emissions reduction policies strike an important balance between the dual goals of environmental and economic prosperity.”