Climate Policy Cost Scheer, And Could Cost Premier Ford

Voters who turned away from the federal Conservatives on Monday were overwhelmingly concerned about climate change, according to new poll conducted by the University of Toronto’s Policy, Elections and Representation Lab on behalf of Clean Prosperity. In a survey of voters who did not vote for Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives, 20% said that they would consider

ON court decision on carbon tax means Ontarians will continue to pay federal carbon tax, are still eligible to receive rebates

Ontario’s Court of Appeal decision that the federal carbon tax was in fact constitutional means Ontarians will continue to pay Canada’s backstop carbon price, which came into effect April 1st, 2019. Residents of the province will remain able to claim the Climate Action Incentive rebate, which was claimed by 97% of eligible Canadians this year.

Scheer’s Plan Falls Short of What’s Needed to Fight Climate Change

Andrew Scheer’s environmental plan, announced today, removes the most essential tool we have in the fight against climate change – a carbon tax and rebate. Without a carbon tax, Scheer’s plan has to rely on more costly regulations that will require significant government intervention in the economy. A carbon tax and rebate is widely considered

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