Learn How Carbon Pricing Works in Under 3 Minutes

Taxes suck...carbon!

As an organization that works to build support for carbon pricing, it’s important for us to communicate both the existence of Canada’s carbon tax and rebate, and what it means for Canadians—namely that it’ll be responsible for roughly half of this country’s committed emissions reductions. And also that there’s a rebate. (You can calculate yours here. Do it!)

But how does the policy actually work to lower emissions? Why would money be taken away, only to be rebated back to Canadians? The short answer is: to incentivize behaviour change. But if those three words don’t immediately conjure up total clarity, perhaps our animated explainer will. With luck, you’ll be an expert on this keystone piece of Canadian climate policy in less than three minutes. Taxes suck…carbon!

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Filing your taxes + your carbon rebate

Canadians across the country are beginning to file their taxes in anticipation of April’s deadline. This year, residents of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan can claim an additional rebate. The rebate was designed by the Federal Government to help residents of those provinces adjust to increased costs and make choices that save them money