Clean Prosperity Statement Regarding Federal Carbon Tax Implementation in Alberta

Canada’s Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna announced this week that in response to Premier Jason Kenney’s cancellation of Alberta’s carbon pricing system, the federal government’s backstop price will take effect in Alberta this year on January 1st, 2020. An Alberta family of four will receive $888 in rebates next year, which is a 15 month amount.   

The government also announced that the conventional oil and gas sector – which had been exempted under Premier Notley — will not be covered by their plan. It’s the government’s view that the sector should be covered by an output-based carbon pricing system, whether it’s the federal one or one developed by the province that’s deemed adequate.

“We’re pleased to see the federal government step in and implement its backstop system of carbon pricing in Alberta,” said Michael Bernstein, Executive Director, Canadians for Clean Prosperity. “This should be welcome news for Albertan families, who are currently experiencing the adverse effects of climate change, and who can expect a new tax rebate each year that will help them adjust to carbon tax costs, and make choices that benefit the planet. Albertans can be confident that a carbon tax and rebate is the lowest cost, and most pro-growth way to address climate change.”

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