Clean Prosperity Releases its own Carbon Tax Sticker for Ontario Gasoline Retailers

By the end of August, Ontario gas stations will have to put up a government-
mandated sticker about the carbon tax. And while there’s some question as to whether they’ll face the $10,000 per day penalty that the government has threatened, there’s no doubt that they only tell one side of the carbon tax story.

That’s why Clean Prosperity is releasing its own information sticker about the carbon tax, which gas station owners who want their customers to have a fuller picture are free to put up. “It makes no sense to only talk about the costs of a policy and not its benefits, let alone waste taxpayers dollars disseminating a misleading message,” Clean Prosperity executive director Michael Bernstein said. “As much as the Ford government may want to hide it, the benefits outweigh the costs for 8 out of 10 Ontarians. People deserve to have that information.”

Maclean’s recently reported that an association that represents more than half of Canada’s gasoline retailers reached out to the Ford government in an effort to get it to take a more expansive approach to informing the public about the carbon tax and rebate. And earlier this year, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce described the stickers as “an example of unnecessary red tape”. But the government has decided to press ahead with them anyways.

“Premier Ford’s critique of the carbon tax as too expensive is pretty hard to take seriously, given that his own plan would cost taxpayers twice as much as the carbon tax and rebate,” Bernstein said. “Instead of using stickers that mislead Ontarians with their own tax dollars, Premier Ford should get serious about fighting climate change. The most affordable way to do that is using a carbon tax and rebate.”

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