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A Not So Modest Proposal

Chong’s plan would cut personal income taxes by $22 billion dollars per year, slashing the current five federal tax brackets – 15%, 20.5%, 26%. 29%, and 33% – to two – keeping only the 15% and 29%–a 10% cut in personal income taxes overall. He would also cut corporate income taxes by 5% (roughly 1%

Off to a Good Start

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a new federal carbon price plan on the floor of the House of Commons this morning. At the same time, federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, announced details of the plan to her provincial and territorial colleagues at the Canadian Council of Ministers of Environment meeting in

The Pacific Northwest LNG Decision

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna announced this week that the federal cabinet had approved the Pacific Northwest LNG project, subject to 190 conditions. Some environmental groups have called the decision a betrayal, accusing the Trudeau government of dropping a “carbon bomb” that will make meeting Canada’s Paris climate targets impossible. But Minister McKenna defended the decision

The Right Way to Cut Ontario’s Emissions

Earlier this week, a prominent Canadian environmentalist wrote that “carbon pricing alone is not sufficient to cut carbon emissions to the extent required.” He argued that carbon pricing must be backed up by complementary actions, paid for by the revenues brought in by carbon pricing. In Ontario’s proposed $15 per tonne scenario, he isn’t wrong.

Delivering On the Paris Agreement without Breaking the Bank

Last week 175 world leaders signed a landmark agreement for global climate action. This is historic. But as we have come to know, the proof is in the ratification, and ultimately the implementation. Particularly if Canada is expected to deliver on its reduction commitment of 30% below 2005 levels by 2030. But what will it

One Simple Way Ontario Can Ease Cap and Trade Tensions

Recent news stories have revealed internal tensions facing the Ontario Government over how to best implement a carbon price. A number of ministers are apparently deeply concerned about the economic impact of removing $1.9 billion from the economy, and proposing a wide range of ways to protect consumers and companies from these higher costs –

Bringing a Progressive Stance to Old Party Values

Next week in Vancouver, Patrick Brown, the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, will speak to a group of gay, lesbian and transgender Tories about equality and how it doesn’t matter who you love. The very next day, he will speak to another group, telling them that climate change is a threat, man-made, and

Clean Prosperity’s Federal Convention Roundup

Last weekend, Clean Prosperity attended both the federal Conservative, and federal Liberal Policy Conventions in Vancouver and Winnipeg, respectively. In Vancouver, Mark, Kaitlin and I talked to conservatives of all stripes about the importance of developing a strong, conservative climate action policy. Many agreed that environmental preservation is a historically conservative issue, that has been

Alberta’s Climate Leadership Implementation Act

Yesterday the Alberta government passed Bill 20 – the Climate Leadership Implementation Act – which sets in law Alberta’s carbon tax. After weeks of heated debate in the legislature, the government used its majority to pass the bill, despite failing to answer many critical questions raised in the house regarding implementation. To be clear, a

The Fuzzy Math

On Wednesday, the Government of Ontario released its new Climate Change Action Plan, a complement to the cap and trade plan that the government has been gradually elaborating over the past few months. While the cap and trade plan is supposed to create economic incentives for businesses and consumers to reduce their own emissions, the

Pricing and Capitalism

For those who may not have heard, this week, nearly 20 of Canada’s leading companies joined federal Environment Minister in calling for a carbon price. Unilever Canada, Scotiabank, Enbridge, Air Canada and numerous others, have all signed on to the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition established by the World Bank. While this move comes as little